Thursday, April 4, 2013

Safe cosmetics

My box of goodies just arrived!  Have you heard of Beautycounter?  This brand just launched in February.  A friend of mine turned me onto it as they were outreaching for possible sales consultants for the brand.  Their sales model follows that of Avon so person-to-person.

I ordered the Anytime Eye Cream (since I am always on the lookout for something that will rid me of my wrinkles), the Routine Clean Cream Cleanser (coconut oil base!) and the Every Day AM Hydrating Cream (always need some good hydration in the mornings...which is why I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning).
I think the packaging is nice.  Simple.  I love the statement on the box - Welcome to the Movement.

And movement it is.  The quest for safe cosmetics.  Nobody ever really thinks about what we put on our bodies. But, as beautycounter states in the video on their website, our skin is our largest organ and porous too. Why aren't we more concerned about what we put on our bodies?  I remember in Nashville when the Culligan man came over to show us the amount of toxins that are in our water...and the fact that our water smells like chlorine because they put chlorine in the water.  Then he says, "And think about when you take a shower, the heat opens up your pores and essentially, all that chlorine is getting into your body...." Wow. We just never think about these things. And, we live in LA now, I would think there's still chlorine in the water here but since we rent, we're not doing anything about it.

Now back to beauty products and beautycounter.  When I was first introduced to the brand via its website, I was definitely excited.  Being a consummate consumer of cosmetics, I tend not to think about toxicity.  I am always drawn in by the colors, the packaging and the copy!  The copy gets me every time.  I love when a product promises a result - more youthful skin in two weeks, brightening, fades dark circle...Yeah, I'm pretty much a sucker.

But ever since D has begun getting into my cosmetics, I have been more concerned about the ingredients that are in the products that I have at her disposal.  Especially the lipsticks.  Oh, my girl is a big lipstick fan - yes, the apple certainly does not fall far from the tree.  So now I am on a hunt for organic, natural products. And here is beautycounter.  I'm not quite sure what to make of this company just yet but I really like that they test everything to make sure these products are safe.  They are not claiming organic or natural though I'm sure that's all part of the process, but safe.  And safety really is important to me these days.  Just think how much junk we put on and in our bodies.  I'd like to know that at least our skincare, our soaps are all toxin free.

Though I must admit, I can't spend too much time thinking on this too could really go down a rabbit hole analyzing every last product and seeing if organic and/or natural then also automatically means its toxin free and safe.  One last thing I'd like to add is, I wonder if Jurlique is a safe skincare brand.  I mean, just look at their website!  I love it!  So appealing with its sleek packaging, the flowers and flower petals...I think all the products are made with all natural ingredients but I have used this product for months and can't say that I am very impressed at all.

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