Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hellllo Boden!

My Boden catalogue came in the mail yesterday!

I love flipping through this catalogue
because they have smart stuff and usually shoot in cool locations. Plus, of course, I have an affinity for the brand because I helped launch their US PR efforts back in 2002 with Tracy Paul!  Love the Boden family.  They are beyond cool.  The only thing I wish they'd change is some of their color offerings.  Summer looks great but Fall and Winter could be sort of off with the colors, kind of drab...maybe they like their colors to reflect their weather out there?

But besides that, pretty great brand all around.  And how could you not love their website? - So interactive, but my favorite is how each item is rated and has customer reviews so you know exactly how the garment fits.  And have you seen miniboden?  Cutest kids stuff!

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