Sunday, April 14, 2013


I wonder if the person who invented baby food pouches ever dreamed that this phenomenon would move completely out of the baby years...into toddler and above and now even to adults!

A colleague of mine had recently taken up eating these pouches
because he had a stomach condition that had him on a diet of apple sauce.  Why not apple sauce pouches?  Then at a business meeting where said colleague whipped one of those out, another colleague commented on how she was going to start traveling with them on the plane as a snack.  Now, that's an idea.  We had brought them along for D before, why not pack a few for us?  I think my thinking at the time was that just this little bit of applesauce was not going to be quite filling enough.

Fast forward to the other day, I came across these Mama Chia Squeeze pouches (pictured above) at Whole Foods and they are a delicious on-the-go snack - portable, filling and neat to eat (no spoon required).  A bit a genius I believe.  When will my genius hit??

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