Saturday, April 13, 2013

Knitting spool, Knitting Nancy...

I consider this a knitting spool.
 The website where I got the inspiration to make one of these calls it a "knitting Nancy".  Sometimes, it's been referred to as a knitting mushroom where you can find one of these in stores in the shape of a colored mushroom.  The above image is mine - I took a wooden spool, hubby drilled four holes and I stuck four wooden pegs into the holes.  Glue the pegs in and voila, we have a knitting spool.  We just made two tonight. (wooden spool and pegs purchased at Michael's)
What does one do with this little knitting spool?  Well, it's a little contraption that cleverly allows even the smallest of hand to create a knitted chain.  Reference this website here for more explanation and better images:

Rhythm of the Home is actually a really good website for Waldorf folks.  I refer to it often and I'm so glad I came across this tutorial.  Now I've made a homemade knitting spool for D, which I am sure she will be thrilled to learn how to use.  And well, perhaps one of you (my friends) will find one as a gift for your child when she/he is age appropriate.  Yes, boys should learn how to knit too!  David Arquette and Ryan Gosling knit!  Need I say more?...

It works!  Alas, I'm afraid it is a bit too advanced for our four-year-old actually took me  few times to get it.

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