Monday, April 29, 2013

Little white lies?

Ohh, the honesty of children...last week my mother finally had the opportunity to watch D for an entire half a day.  My mother is not a consummate mother, quite the opposite rather.  She would rather watch TV than spend time with her granddaughter.  Add that kind of attitude to my own daughter's attitude of not wanting to be with her grandmother for sheer reason stated above - children can sense when someone is not truly into them.  And, D really just would rather just be with her parents.  Her peeps.

But, the two of them had a lovely day...
mom picked D up from school, took her to Menchie's frozen yogurt (D's favorite), then took her to Color Me Mine to pick up some painted pottery, walked the dog, mom took her to ballet class and then they walked over to have dinner at a great vegetarian restaurant, The Green Temple.  Then home, two books and then to bed.
Was really a lovely day.

Today, my mother came over for dinner and after dinner before she was about to leave, I asked D to run over and kiss and hug her grandma.  She obliged and when she was there, my mother asked, "Would you like Grandma to babysit you again?"

And what would you guess was D's reply?  A very matter of fact, "No."

I cringed.  That is not what one would wish one's daughter to say to her grandma.  And, I did say, "Bao bae (a nickname)..don't hurt Grandma's feelings..."  But I didn't push the issue because at that moment, I thought, "Well, I don't want her to lie either..."  Hence this post.

The truth hurts I guess.

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