Monday, April 22, 2013

Dinner inspiration

The internet is my friend when it comes to cooking.  Truly!

Tonight, I decided I wanted to make lentil soup with a bone broth that I had made previously and frozen.
 Bone broth is very nutritious.  Here is a very good posting on bone broth and its benefits:

I googled "Lentil soup" and pulled up this simple recipe from Mark Bittman.  I had the ingredients on hand so it was simple enough.  I don't know why I don't make lentil soup more often.  It's so easy and cooks up in 30 minutes.

I added pressed barley to my soup.  While the soup was cooking I thought, "Hmm, a nice crusty bread would be good with the soup."  Another search on the Internet brought up a delicious and easy crusty bread recipe. I had sprouted wheat flour on hand so googled to make sure that I could substitute on a 1:1 ratio and I could.

The image from the website that had the recipe showed rolls. I decided to make mine into two round loaves.

Again, delicious and nutritious. No rise time necessary.  Bakes up in just 20 minutes.

My husband declared, "We never have to buy bread again! We should make every Sunday bread baking day..."  Ambitious, isn't he?

Actually, between this bread and the Spelt Bread that I make, he is quite right.  We shouldn't have to buy bread again.

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