Friday, April 12, 2013

Gluten Free and then some...

Our little Waldorf school community is so small right now...nine families to be exact. And would you believe that despite being so small, we have a nut-free, a gluten-free and a couple dairy-free children!  At first one might look at that and be exasperated since we are a co-op lunch bunch.

However, it really makes me think "Hmm, maybe we should all be eating less gluten, nuts..dairy?"  Nah.  Just maybe less gluten.  I'm okay with that since I have several friends who aren't necessarily allergic to gluten but have reported feeling better in their body since giving up gluten electively.

Tomorrow I will be making Sesame Cookies
based off this recipe from Elana's Pantry ( that I found on Yummly.  Don't these look good?

I will not be giving up nuts or dairy though. Of course, I only drink raw milk. Have never liked that other processed crap they sell you in the supermarkets.  Vitamin A&D is so overprocessed and so bad for you, if a child is lactose intolerant then he is luckier for it so his parents don't subject him to that gross regular milk out there.  Skim milk? Even worse!

And, because I read Real Food by Nina Planck about four years ago, I am a big fan of all real food and will eat butter and cook with butter like it's going out of style.  We now only cook with coconut oil or butter.  I will expand to include ghee in that mix.  Never cook with olive oil because it is not good at high heats.  Check out this comment by Dr. Mercola -
It's not extensive on the olive oil problem but does give you the best option for coconut oil.

Actually, Dr. Mercola is an excellent source for natural health information -

Happy reading!

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