Thursday, May 9, 2013

That's us...

...pretending to be the anti-Waldorf family. See how we are all engrossed in our personal media devices?  Yes, I was busy FBing and reading up on the day's news before I realized how we looked and had to snap a photo.

Umm, our Waldorf community would be appalled! (I'm actually a bit appalled at myself for having to look up the spelling on that one...tsk!)  If we were at Orange County Waldorf School we may even be asked to leave the school.  But we don't go there so shhhh, don't tell anyone you saw us.

Yes, Waldorf schools have a no media policy
and I truly believe it's a good one.  All schools should have one.  What kind of life are you leading if you are constantly having to be entertained by something else?  What kind of organic stimulation are you giving your brain?  Here is a great video on children and media.

For the most part, our family is a media free household (when it comes to D).  Mind you, I said for the most part.  There are days when she is sick and we will let her watch some Kailan.  When we travel, she does have her own iPhone (mommy gave it to her before we started with Waldorf and before realizing that Waldorf was media free).  So, she knows she can play with her phone when we travel and never anytime else.  All she has on it is a few YouTube videos of Chinese songs and maybe one game.  Don't even know if that works without Wi-fi.

Other than that, D pretty much is media free and we love the creativity that flows from her daily.  She will quietly sit for a couple hours just cutting away at paper and creating things.  Here's an example:

Here's the thing though about traveling...we do bring all sorts of games, crafts, toys for storytelling and we do all of that.  But sometimes, we, mom and dad just need a break from the engagement.  We just want to dive into our own book or magazine so we let her entertain herself with her phone.  I always feel guilty when I do it but she'll play on it for a little bit and then turn it off.  We never have to pry the thing from her hands.  We have never argued or negotiated with her (well, at least I don't).  So she knows when we say time to give that phone back, she does.  You either give it back or you can never play with it again.  How's that for negotiating?

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