Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Going down a rabbit hole...but in a good way

(picture taken from Conscious Skincare website)

In a good way for me, at least! I have long been concerned about D getting into my makeup drawer...I mean, I cannot give up the luxury cosmetics (think lipsticks - still can't get my mind off that Chanel lip rouge in Sentiment) that I love, but I am truly concerned about her getting into all of that.

In a few weeks, D will be performing in her very first ballet recital.  She is required to wear makeup since she will be onstage and the lights will wash her out.  So, I went onto the Cosmetics Database website to investigate lipsticks and blushes that have zero toxicity.  And before you know it, I am going down a rabbit hole.  I am really looking forward to purchasing these new lipsticks that D and I can share.  :o)

Another reason why I went and am still going down the rabbit hole is because we just watched an HBO movie called "Behind the Candelabra" about Liberace.  At some point in his life, he was experiencing a breakdown of his organs because the dry-cleaning chemicals from his wigs were seeping into his body through his head every night while he sweated under the hot lights of the stage! WHAAAT??!  If that doesn't drive home the point that our skin is our largest organ, then I don't know what will.  Meanwhile, it was a good movie too.

Rabbit hole websites trolled so far:

Coastal Classic Creations - I really love this website and the products seem appealing to me. I did not purchase because they only had pot glosses and I want to steer clear of that for D.  But, I will probably revisit at a later date.

All Natural Cosmetics - Okay, let me tell you why I particularly love this website.  Because they offer samples!!  Most of the lipstick colors can be sampled for $1.25 and it even comes with lip applicators (pic above).  Ah-mazing!  Yes, as you can guess, I spent a lot of time on this website and finally decided on about 10 colors that I sampled.  I also purchased a little girls beauty pouch for D.  We got it today and she loved it.  The colors looked great on her!  All set for the ballet recital!

Conscious Skincare - Ooh, I have not even completely perused this website but I already like what I see.  Eventually I will probably get around to ordering either the Grapefruit Lemon and Cedarwood body wash or shampoo/conditioner.  Can't decide.

Kabana Organic Skincare - Prepared to really GEEK OUT on this website. I can't decide which of these many products I want to purchase!  This Green Screen D Organic Sunscreen SPF 35 looks really good.  I also might get the tinted sunscreen. And what is this - a UV protective wash??  I will have to read up on that to see if it is actually effective or just a waste of money as it will be washed off.

Notice I said "so far" up above. I will share more as I troll more, and of course will share my reviews.

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