Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dessert, anyone?

Yeah!  I made that!!  That is a pastry box full of burp cloths and two infant car seat canopies.  Like I said, we went to Nashville this weekend to celebrate our friends' baby shower for twins!

I mean, again, I have to say the Internets is just so awesome!
Here is the tutorial for the burp cloths. And, here is the tutorial for the car seat canopies.  And here's the idea for the burp cloth cupcakes.

What's that you say?  Ooh, nothing is original...no, nothing is original and I don't mind that.  I love getting inspiration from all of these other A-M-A-Z-I-N-G DIY bloggers.  I love that these women come up with these wonderful ideas and have the time and patience to put up tutorials with pictures to inspire someone like me.  I am now really into sewing!  I'm shopping right now for a new, fancier sewing machine!!  Oh the places we will goooo.....

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