Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm not tryin' to judge, but....

We were at Tar-jhay ( the other day and a woman strolls up behind me at the checkout counter and starts putting her cart items onto the conveyer belt.
I see that Ella's Kitchen now offers more hearty fare!  Yes, what started out as just fruits and vegetables has now grown to include meat items..

This is only a small sampling of what they offer.  Find out more about Ella's Kitchen here.

I say to the woman, "Whoa, I bet these pouch makers didn't even know how popular these would become!  And now they make them in meat flavors??"

She responds, "Yeah! I just saw this.  I have not tried but my baby just turned one and they say he can start on solids so I'm gonna give these a try...anything so I don't have to learn how to cook!" my mind I'm thinking, "Whaaat?  You don't want to cook for your child?!!  For shame.  This is why so many people have kids who don't eat anything and adults that just don't understand good food."  Yes, you can get the nutrients from these pouches, maybe but wholesome, home cooked foods have so much more depth in flavor...Yeah, I judged for a minute.

Then I got to thinking, y'know there are probably plenty of mothers who for whatever reason just don't have the time to cook.  And when there are companies like Ella's Kitchen that work hard to put organic food offerings onto grocery shelves, well, that is at least helping these moms out!  Wouldn't it be nice if the government, whether state or federal, offered tax breaks to all companies that put forth the extra effort to provide organic foods, products, whatever, sustainable products to consumers. I mean, these companies probably spend a lot of money to put a more superior product out there.  Those that do not, should not get a tax break. In fact, if I ran the world, they would be charged EXTRA taxes (the uncaring, lazy tax).  That's just my two cents...

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