Friday, May 17, 2013

Only in Nashville...

And only in East Nashville...we are back visiting Nashville this weekend for our friends' baby shower.  Our friend's neighbor was out of town so offered us her house to stay.  Upon arriving, and settling into the house and then stepping outside, well, I was a little wistful of the scene that unfolds every day here in East Nasty around 5pm and on.  Families strolling down the street, families hanging out on their porch, kids playing outside, everyone greeting everyone.  It's just such a lovely feeling that I sorely miss.

Yes, our neighbors in Redondo are great!  We get along with all of them. But the nature of living in someplace like LA is everyone is busy. Everyone works long hours and even the ones who are stay at home moms don't have any time to just chill.  I mean, I am guilty as well.  Since I've moved back two years ago I might've hung out with my friend and her daughter just once and she lives just 5 minutes away! I just don't what it is about schedules and people.

Mind you, all of Nashville is not like East Nasty.  Everywhere else is just like every other suburban city - rolling lawns, big houses and disconnect.  There is just something so special about East Nashville. I feel blessed to have lived here, to have given birth to D here because there is nothing more special than the moms I met here.  And FB allows us to stay connected!

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