Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A little reality TV

I'm not that into reality TV...well, okay.  That's really all I watch, but not the "Jersey Shore" variety (though I've watched it before), but more of the cooking shows.  Specifically all of Gordon Ramsay's stuff.

Hubby and I haven't watched a lot lately, but apparently last Friday's episode of Kitchen Nightmares was a doozy.  And what a doozy it was!!  Here's the episode though I think it only unlocks 8 days after airdate.

The only thing I kept thinking as I was watching this was, "Who are this woman's parents??  If my daughter ever acted that way, I'd have to...I'd have to..."  I don't know what I'd do but I would be terribly disappointed.  Who let's this person act like this??

Is it bad to blame the parents?  I feel like it's okay since I'm a parent now and I would blame myself if D ever acted that way.  Or at least cry a little bit and wonder what went wrong.

But, it made for great TV. What's even more funny (and a bit disturbing) is the backlash that transpired after the episode aired.  HuffPo documents the meltdown quite well.

By the way, while I am often entertained by Gordon Ramsay's shows, I was totally not impressed with his restaurant Fat Cow over at the Grove LA.  Just sayin'...for a chef that remakes restaurants how is his own restaurant just not that stellar?

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