Monday, September 28, 2015

The Influencer

That's me! I'm an influencer. Yea...not of anything big like a fashion influencer or a beauty influencer. No, I'm an influencer of my own kid.

I know I've posted about this sort of thing before - about how everything I do literally affects my child. I don't know if it's just her, but she is A LOT like me.

Case in point: This weekend, I had teacher training (as I have three weekends out of every month for 10 months out of the year) and my dear child woke up in the morning and announced she is going to pack my lunch.

She packed some dried apricots, some nuts and raisins, a plum, some sunflower seeds, salmon jerky and a string cheese. She also packed a little felted heart that she had cut out for me. She put all in little containers, packed it in one of her lunch boxes and said very clearly, "Now mama, I put your lunch in the lunch box with the scooter. And some don't fit so you will have to hand carry them. Okay?"

That is EXACTLY what I say to her every morning since I send her to school with lunch and a snack. I clearly let her know, "Baby, your lunch is in the silver container and your snack is in the pink container, okay?"

It's crazy how she literally mimics me. Crazy.

All the more reason to be hyper-aware of myself and how I interact with the people around me...the tone of voice at all, work, work.

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