Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lunch/Snack Inspirations

Monday: Snack was cucumbers, bell peppers, homemade granola bars and mozz cheese. Lunch was spaghetti and peaches.

Tuesday: Snack - Zucchini slices, pan-fried cauliflower, carrots and pear. Lunch - "kale farro risotto" and tomatoes. 
Thursday: Snack - cherry tomato/mozz/basil, roasted sweet potato, plum, cashews. Lunch - leek & barley soup, cheese scone and Asian pear. Cheese scones helped me to use up the last of our buttermilk. :o)
At this point, I was realizing that the babes was not finishing everything that I was packing for her. She was having to finish her lunch at home or on her way back home from school. 
"Am I sending you with too much food?" D: "Yes!" So, revising portions.
Friday: Snack was homemade "wheat thins", raw cheddar and some grapes. Lunch was kitcheree (lentils and brown rice) with stir fried green beans and white peaches.

Those what thins are really good. And easy to make. I highly recommend.

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