Sunday, September 6, 2015

Overheard...whilst out shopping

We were just out shopping today...the fams and get a new dress for the Rose Ceremony, the babe's first day of first grade. Exciting!

We're walking along and we hear
this father of two speaking to one of his daughters, "No, Ella, I am not going to carry you. You have two legs. Why can't you use them? Look at Tammy here, she is walking just fine. And you know what Ella? I don't want to carry you because you have been speaking very rudely to me. I just don't think you should be speaking this way to me at all..."

Ummm, the hubs and I looked knowingly at each other and then I look down at the babes and say, "Do you hear that conversation? Doesn't that sound very familiar? You see??" Oh, the babes, got it. She was listening intently and the father was really giving his daughter an earful.

Not like he was yelling or mad, he just was speaking very matter-of-factly and letting her know that she could stand to use an attitude adjustment...I looked back and sure enough that Ella looked to be right about six years old.

It's like I said to a girlfriend the other day who was contemplating having kids...I said, "Oh, it gets better after year six..." Haha. Maybe I should've said year seven...or maybe it really just gets better when they are eighteen and out the door!!

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