Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nighttime Rituals

My girlfriend has been doing this with her daughters since the oldest one was about 4 years old. I'd always thought it was such a good ritual, yet never found the time to do it myself...until now.

About a week ago, for our nightly ritual, the hubs would say his good night to the babe and then I would come in, crawl in her bed and we would share - "What was your favorite part of today?" and "What was your least favorite part of your day?"

One evening, I was able to share with her, "My least favorite part of the day was when I yelled at you. I really don't like yelling at makes me sad. But it also makes me upset when you can't listen to me. Can we both work a little harder?" It felt good to be able to converse and share in that way.


  1. We do this ritual, calling it the rose (best part) and thorn (difficult part) of the day... after pick-up from school. This at least gets C to elaborate more than just, "good" when I ask her how school was.