Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Peek into Waldorf First Grade

For those that know about Waldorf Education, it's really all about the child. What I love most about what I've learned from my Waldorf Teacher Training is that every Waldorf teacher understands that each child comes to this Earth as a divine being and our job is to help this divine being peel back its layers to discover his/her purpose on this Earth. It's really beautiful.

Because school is all about the child, the classroom is a sacred place. In Early Childhood, parents are discouraged from going into the classroom because it disrupts the child's ability to focus on creativity and play.

The babes is now in first grade and I'm getting "glimpses" into the classroom through her stories. I love it.

I'm told there is Quiet Mouse. If the children are quiet, then Quiet Mouse's tail grows and grows. Sometimes, it grows so long that he writes a word on the chalkboard. The other day, he wrote, "Hi!" and then he wrote, "Hi, children." That is just one way they bring letters to the children!

I'm also told they start the day with an obstacle course - they walk across a balance beam in the classroom, under the teacher's desk, then jump rope and finally end up at a bag where they can smell inside and stick their hand in the bag to try and discover what is inside. The other day it was lavender. What a wonderful way to engage all their senses before the day begins.

Now, the beauty in all this is that each teacher brings the curriculum to the children in a different way so every child's experience of their first grade will be different. Well, aside from the children who are in the babe's class. I truly believe that every person that we meet in our lives, we were/are meant to meet. So, this teacher and this assistant teacher were brought to us because...

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