Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Having a six year old is...GAHHHHHH

Is...frustrating? Infuriating? Irritating? Are these all synonyms?
It really can bring out the worst in me. She's at this age where she seems "old enough"! Old enough to remember things. Old enough for responsibilities...old enough to know better.

And yet, she's not. She can't remember to make her bed. She can't remember to put a hair clip in her hair (to keep her eyes out of her face). She can't remember her goggles when we go to the pool. And yet, I am reminded that when I was younger, my mother always called me "absent-minded" because I too used to forget everything. I can't blame her for being SIX...

BUT she's also got a MOUTH. She is so disrespectful sometimes and I just don't know how to respond..probably because I've never experienced it. As a child, any disrespect was dealt with with a swift smack in the face. But we don't do these things anymore. That would be too easy. Plus, I don't need my child running around hitting people when she's upset.

Today we had a ridiculous conversation, the kid and me:

Me: I would never speak to my mother the way you speak to me.
D: Well, because po-po was probably never mean.
Me: I'm not mean either. I'm asking you not to throw water on the mirror. And if po-po told me not to do something, I minded her. You know why?
D: Why?
Me: Because she would hit me with a stick. Would you like me to go and get a stick? Will that help you listen better?
D: No..well, that's because you were born in China!
Me: No, I was born right here, in Los Angeles.
D: Well, you were born to a Chinese mom and dad.
Me: Uh, you are too! I'm Chinese and your dad's Chinese.

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? I am really not quite sure. Perhaps D thinks that Chinese people are strict?? That would not be incorrect. Tiger mom anyone?

Needless to say, we got nowhere with that convo.

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