Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just breathe...

Was at yoga tonight and the teacher confessed that she had a mini-meltdown during the day today and while she was crying to her mother, her mother's sage advice was, "You need to just breathe..."

Ahhh, yes. I think she's right. Which got me thinking. Society kind of doesn't support a little quiet time. With the rate of things, it seems it is quite easy to get bogged down with life. I can see how a person can get caught up in the mire of negativity and not be able to see the positives that life has to offer.

Personally, I think that society keeps taking us farther and farther away from nature. Nature. The place where one can actually take the time to BREATHE. Just be. Every time I am at the beach, I am at peace. There's just something about the waves, the sand beneath my feet. Yet, I have to say, when we actually lived at the beach, I did not make a point to get on that sand and in the water every day...probably because life kept me too busy. Sad.

When I go on a hike, I am always awestruck by the beauty of the landscape...the curve of a tree trunk.

Nature. It is a beautiful thing. Which is another reason why I am grateful to have been introduced to Waldorf education and have been able to send the babes to a Waldorf school since preschool. At the heart of Waldorf early childhood education is nature. The rhythm of the classroom is based on the rhythms of nature, they celebrate and give reverence to the seasons through festivals and stories. Children are immersed in nature and learn to have respect for nature. Some may scoff at the fairies and the gnomes but these are Earth entities and if you believe, you will always find your way back to nature when you need it.

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