Sunday, October 30, 2016


Man, I have had this post in my head for a while...just couldn't find the time to post. When the babes was younger, she didn't really take to babysitters. She tolerated them, but of course, she preferred us never to go out. Especially me. Now that she is older and has the capacity to formulate "If..Then" scenarios. I think she rather likes when we call in sitters. The newer the better.

Why? So she can manipulate them and say things like, "My parents sometimes let me watch TV." Or like what she said last week when I had a sitter watching her, "I get root beer floats for dessert after dinner." No, I am pretty strict about sugar intake and while we do have the ingredients for root beer floats and D and dad sometimes will have some together, we rarely have it for dessert because I think it's really too close to bedtime to be eating that much sugar. Buuuut, when the cat's away, the mouse will play.

I actually think it's clever of her and funny. I now give strict instructions to sitters that we are a NO MEDIA household so that means no iPad, no iPhone and definitely no TV. But I'm okay with D trying to get some dessert. Usually, the sitter appreciates it too!

I shared the funny with the hubs and while his initial response was, "But that's lying..." I felt that it's a cute little white lie and why not let her have her moment of cleverness? Haven't we all told little white lies as children. I know I told my fair share of them.

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