Thursday, October 13, 2016

Going to school on crutches

The babes seems to have sprained her ankle the other day. She spent the day at home yesterday and since she was in such high spirits and seemed to be jumping out of her skin, I sent her to school today knowing they had crutches available for her.

She learned how to use them immediately. It's funny. She was all excited to get them but then when we got to her classroom, her shyness kicked in. She looked a bit timid and was not sure where she was supposed to go...but of course, she was well taken care of.

When I picked her up from school, she said, "I have the best friends." And yes, she does. When I went to pick her up, another mom was giving her a piggy back to the main hall. Her daughter was carrying D's crutches. When I walked up, up comes two other friends. One carrying her sweater and the other carrying her lunch box. Such cheerful helpers.

D also shared that during recess, she could've played but knew she shouldn't so she stayed on the porch and she got to play anyway because a group of her friends stayed on the porch with her and they played "Queen". D was the queen, several girls were the servants, some were animals, workers, even the teacher joined in the game somewhat because he was sweeping the porch (meaningful task by an adult - Waldorf EC 101 - Sidenote from article: Our daily work in the classroom inspires in the children an incentive toward industrious play. The meaningful tasks that a teacher performs can be better comprehended by children when those same gestures are experienced in their play as they explore how an activity is done. In today’s mechanized world, most of the tasks that formerly were completed by humans are now done by machines. Children have little opportunity to see adults use their hands to wash dishes or bake bread. Objects that in days long ago would have been repaired are now thrown away and replaced. Observing the work of the adult engaged in meaningful activity serves to boost the energy of children, developing in them an I can do it attitude. 

So they made him the chimneysweep. D shared that eventually several children wanted to be part of the game, girls and boys alike and the porch was getting quite crowded!

She felt surrounded by love. That warms my heart. That is exactly why I send my child to a Waldorf school. Not only is there a profound curriculum based on child development but the whole school lives and breathes good stewardship and kindness to all beings.

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