Monday, January 26, 2015

Update on the baking soda and ACV

Well, so I've been on the baking soda and ACV for the past few weeks and was convinced that I didn't have dandruff.  But, alas, I still do.  I can't see it but my husband can.  Booo.

I'm sure if I persevere my head pH could probably normalize
and I could go the "no poo" route.  But right now, I'm just not willing to try because my hair is not looking so silky these days and there's nothing worse than getting beautiful hair color (toxic!) and then not having beautiful hair a) because there's dry scalp flakes floating through it and b) the ends are dry.  No thanks!

I am so thankful for all those other people that do the research for me!  This website just gave me the rundown on color safe non-toxic shampoos.  Looks like I can just go back to my old Hugo Naturals.  I'll be buying some PRONTO tomorrow.  Right after I sleep with coconut oil in my hair tonight.

Beautycounter has a shampoo and conditioner that is color-safe but it doesn't quite work on my hair.  So, it's the ONE product (well two) that I don't use.  Everything else is so awesome, I'm quite glad to be overhauling my whole cosmetic bag o'tricks with this brand plus others because I can't just stick with one brand.  That would be against my being.

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