Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holding my ground

It truly is amazing how holding my ground can reap compliance without any altercation.  This evening after finishing her small portion of fried rice the babe announced she was still hungry and wanted more fried rice.  Well, we just didn't have any and I had reheated some leftover mushu to eat.  I offered her some mushu.  She didn't want it.

I very apologetically responded that if she's hungry she needs to eat mushu because that is all we have and scooped some in a bowl for her.  And place it in front of her.  She went bananas.

"I doooon't waaant thaaat!  I don't like the mushu.  I won't eat it!!"  She's whining then starting to (fake) cry.  Throwing a mini fit.

I just ignored her and kept on eating my food.  I just let her carry on without saying a word.  There was nothing else available for her to eat and I certainly wasn't about to offer anything else that would require me to make something else.

She carries one for maybe a good 10 minutes.  Alternating between crying and announcing she was not going to eat it.  My only response when she says she's not going to eat it was "Okay."  But, I did not remove her bowl.  Essentially what my actions were saying was, "oh yes, you are going to eat it" and you know what?  She ate it.  She didn't eat the whole bowl but she ate enough and then said she was full.  I was satisfied with that.  There was no altercation, no negotiating and no battle of the wills.  It felt goooood.

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