Monday, January 5, 2015

Vinegar?! And baking soda?!..

I am super excited about today's post!  As indicated in previous post, I recently got my hair did.

Before and After

And I love the red. It's FIERY, like my personality!

I would love to preserve it as best as possible.  And since I am on the non-toxic train, I've been trying to search high and low for a safe shampoo for colored hair.

Now, mind you, I am on the non-toxic train but it will not prevent me from going all toxic to achieve this bright red color...I'm halfway to my grave, I can't let a little bit of toxins prevent me from getting some fun color into my hair.  Like I've said before mostly my non-toxic way of life is for my daughter's sake.  I want her to be as toxin free as possible.  We must protect our children.  If we don't, who will?  Certainly not the government...

And on that topic of toxins, my scalp was tingling for a good 15 minutes when this hair color was on my head. That CAN'T be good.  Anyhoooo...I believe the result was a bit of dry scalp for me, meaning, dandruff.  Yuck!

I have not been able to find a suitable brand of non-toxic color safe shampoo and then I came across this post!  I am SO EXCITED for this post!  I had read before that an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse is good for dandruff.  It regulates the PH of your scalp or something like that.  But I'd never heard of washing your hair with baking soda?  Whaaa?!

I tried the ACV rinse two days ago.  Then I did baking soda and ACV this morning.  Not so bad!  I mean, come on...baking soda in bulk is quite inexpensive and just a tablespoon of ACV for the hair is also not as expensive as lame-o shampoos that just dry out your hair and scalp.  True, I do get out of the shower and the smell of ACV does linger a bit but then it dissipates.  No big deal.  Right now, I do not see any signs of flakes!  Now that alone is worth sticking to this regimen rather than throwing money down the drain trying to find a shampoo that works.

Now, Just Sarah mentions conditioning with coconut oil.  I would try that but when I do that I might still use a bit of shampoo to get the coconut oil out.  I just bought a non-toxic shampoo from Face Naturals  It's good to know that this will be lasting us a lot longer now that I'm only using it maybe once a month??  We will see how much conditioner I think I might need.  So far, I'm liking this!

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