Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes 2015

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Is it bad that I took a photo from  I rather like this picture.  Tonight was the Golden Globes. Yeah, kicking off the awards season!

We send our daughter to a Waldorf School and that means no media.  But today, we sort of just took our liberties to just ignore that no media policy.
The Colts were playing the Broncos today in the playoffs.  If you follow football, the Colts dropped their quarterback, Peyton Manning a while back and the Broncos picked him up.  Peyton Manning, mind you, is a superstar so shame on the Colts for dumping him.  I so wanted the Broncos to win today and stick it to the Colts...buuuut, that did not happen.  Bummer.

So, we had D sitting around watching football here and there and then, and then I decided I didn't want to wait to watch a delayed version of the Globes.  So, we ate dinner in the television room and watched the Golden Globes together.  The baby had no clue who these people were or why they were getting awards, but we sure enjoyed checking out all the beautiful dresses together!  I think I may have to ignore the no media policy for all these award shows.  It's part of the fabric of my being, by the way.  I just love watching the red carpet.  Kate Beckinsale, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lopez all looked stunning while Meryl Streep looked beautiful and classy.  Actually, so many women tonight looked beautiful.  I also love Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as hosts.  Wonder who will replace them.  Boo.

In any case, I really enjoyed gushing over gowns with D!  Oh, her eyes would light up at the sparkly dresses.  When Viola Davis walked up in her red gown, D exclaimed, "Oh, she looks beautiful!"  And she did!  The funny part was that D liked some of the dresses but did not like how plunging the necklines were.  I mean, really.  J.Lo, while she looked great, was really popping out of her dress, no?  Looking forward to more red carpet dates with the baby.

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