Sunday, January 4, 2015

So, this happened yesterday...

Yeah, that's MY HAIR!  All wound up in one of those darn circular brushes!  This is what happens with the 5 year old announces she'd like to play hair salon.
When she first asked, I had said, "Okay, but don't brush my hair.."  I don't quite like my hair brushed and I never brush it.

But, she insisted.  "Why do you own so many brushes if you don't brush your hair?!"  So, I let her use one brush.  The circular one was not one of them.  Then she decided to switch to the circular one.  I continued to just fold laundry until....the above happened!!!

AAAARGHHH!!  I was so angry!  Of course, just angry at myself that I didn't have the forethought to ban the circular brush. Which then led me to thinking how terribly difficult parenting is because you have to have forethought!!  I should've KNOWN not to let her use this brush.  Helllllooo?? Nothing good ever comes from using this brush.  I should've thrown that brush away years ago. I don't even know why I bought it.  The whole time I am thinking, "THIS is why dogs are better than kids!!!  Dogs would never wind your hair up in a brush and leave you to figure it out for yourself!"

I was soo panicked.  Do you see that beautiful red hair all curled up snuggly against the brush barrel?  I mean, I just payed a good amount of money to have my hair dyed that pretty red color.  I would be damned if I was going to cut my hair off for this one solitary non-thinking moment.

In the end, this was the damage:

Not too bad, right?  I cut all those little white balls off the tips of the bristles (cutting some hairs in the process) and then slowly used coconut oil to ease the hair off the barrel.  Then running coconut oil through the very much snarled, tangled mess that was pulled off.  Hair back to normal, I think.

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