Saturday, January 31, 2015


I should have a picture of this cafe to go with the post..alas, I don't.  But why bother when Eater LA has done such a nice job with their write up here?

A friend of mine turned me onto this lovely cafe space on Lincoln Avenue in Pasadena, conveniently, right by our school.  It's owned by the same people from Little Flower, a cute little cafe
in the San Rafael area of Pasadena, which, by the way I just had occasion to visit a few weeks ago.  This little cafe was cramped.  Chock full of random stuff but cute stuff!  I liked the gifty items they had available from kids birthday gifts (DIY kits) to Valentine's (heart lollipops and the like)

Lincoln, on the other hand is less cramped. It has a nice open, airy vibe and offers some artisanal products for purchase (like Grist & Toll flours), in addition to their cafe delights.  I just drove by it yesterday and saw that they opened Lincoln STORE! looked REALLY cute!  Can't wait to get in there to do some shopping!  I'll let you know what they have.

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