Monday, December 22, 2014

The Nutcracker

'Tis the season for the Nutcracker.  When I was young my best friend used to go see a performance of the Nutcracker every year for Christmas.  I was always so intrigued as I was never invited to go.  I'm sure it was something special that she and her mother did together and it was a tradition.  But, it always remained in my mind and I knew that when I had my own child I would want to make it a tradition as well. I love the story of the Nutcracker and ballet is just so beautiful.

I love, love that Red Tricycle posts the best Nutcracker performances in our area every year.  I kind of wish I had gone on Red Tri two years ago when I could've used a much simpler production.

Last year we saw the Long Beach Ballet's Nutcracker performance and it was wonderful!  A full production with a live horse on stage!  Of course, the babe loved this performance. But, it definitely cost a pretty penny when you've got the whole family attending, cousins, grandparents, etc.

This year a friend had rehearsal tickets to the Palos Verdes Ballet's Nutcracker.  We loved this performance.  It was well done and because the production was so small I felt all the dancers had sufficient stage time and the girls who had main roles like Claire and the Sugar Plum Fairy really did got a chance to shine.  The costumes were beautiful too.  I highly recommend this particular performance for South Bay peep with children between the ages of 5 - 12.  Short and sweet and not too pricey.

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