Sunday, February 1, 2015

Color refresher

It's time for a little color refresher.  Like I said before in a previous post, I am loving being red so, of course, I had to troll the Internets to find a non-toxic option.  I did a little research on Linda Kammins as I'd heard a couple people recommend her.  But without actually calling I just sort of felt that she would probably be pricey.  Not any more pricey than my initial color, but then again, I don't want to be spending over $100 for color touchups.

And then I came across this site!  Henna Color Lab.  They have just the right color I'm looking for.  I went for Wine Red.  But I could really toggle between any of three or four of those colors - Pure Henna, Mohagony, Copper...I just bought one package as a tester.

This is what it looks like when mixed.

Not to be confused with brownie mix!  Or as D would say, "diarrhea."  And this is how the color turned out.

I'm quite pleased with the results.  $10!  Come ON!  Deal, right?  I would definitely go out and get more close fitting surgical gloves next time. I'm sure any beauty store carries.  The plastic gloves provided with the hair color are too loose and don't do a good job of keeping color off the hands.  I would also keep a bottle of spray vodka (my household disinfectant) nearby as well as coconut oil to get color off surfaces and skin, respectively.  Also, the instructions say one pouch for shoulder length hair, up to three pouches for longer hair.  My hair is pretty long and I got by with just one pouch with leftover.  I am definitely going back online to order several more pouches.  I highly recommend.  Oh and note:  to rinse the dye off the instructions recommend using conditioner and caution that it may take several rinses.  I rinsed three times with conditioner.

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