Monday, December 1, 2014

Conscious vs. Convenience

Isn't there just a fine line between the two in parenting?  For instance, I know that eating at home is far more healthier for us than going out to eat.  However, we love going out to eat plus it's just more convenient sometimes to run out to get a bite rather than, prepping, cooking, cleaning...

I know a couple mothers that literally cook EVERYTHING their family eats. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks because they know it's best and they also know exactly what is harmful when you do go out to eat and they just don't want to subject their children to that. They've completely changed their way of life.  One mother did this because she had a serious illness and had found that the ingredients when you go out to eat greatly affected her condition.  Another mother did this because she is a nutritionist and when you dig deeper you just don't even want to think about going out to eat.

Which, by the way, mothers are amazing people.  Great entrepreneurs because they want to change the world for their children...Beautycounter, ZOE Organics, Snug Organics...are just a few that are off the top of my head right now.

Going back to conscious vs. convenience.  It struck a cord with me this weekend while amongst some other moms.  One mom made corn bread and I said, "Wow!  Corn bread!"  She responded, "It's nothing. It's from a box.  But I figured it's for the kids...." And in my mind, I thought - Isn't that interesting?  I am just the opposite.  I would make corn bread out of a box if it was for adults and not feel bad, but if it was for children, I might just still make it (out of convenience) but feel terrible about it!  I really strive to just have whole, fresh, real foods for my child and children in general. But, of course, boxed corn bread is not going to kill her!  Especially if it's from Trader Joe's as they carry all non-GMO corn products, I think! (I know, pretty amazing)

Another mom was talking about how she always buys the ULTRA PASTEURIZED milk because it lasts longer.  Whaaat?!  Yuck.  Here is a great article on why pasteurized milk is bad.  I'd rather have her skip the milk than drink pasteurized milk.  That is why at restaurants, we never order milk.  Gross.  And again, shouldn't we be questioning foods that last longer?  They just aren't as good for you as whole, fresh foods.  That's why health experts encourage only shopping on the outskirts of grocery stores, for the fresh items and staying away from the boxed, processed items.  Yes, the canned, boxed items can last forever and be available at your convenience, but that at the end of the day is just food filler for your belly.  Not wholesome and nutritious.  You might as well eat cardboard.

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