Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rahua Shampoo

Image from Rahua website

I just discovered this new shampoo brand (I guess it had skin care too) - Rahua.  While I liked the way it performed, I am a bit skeptical about anything sourced from the rainforest.  I feel like even though the website states that they are sustainable
and the rahua is harvested like it was traditionally harvested generations ago, this increased demand might have detrimental effects on the area nonetheless.  Sure it's employing the indigenous people for now, but what if resources start running out?  Then what?

Besides, that little travel size bottle you see there in the picture is quite expensive!  I bought the little shampoo and the little conditioner (with store credit) and each one was $8.50!  WHAAAT??!  So, who's making the money here?  The women of the Amazonian nation?  Let's hope so.

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