Monday, December 8, 2014

On the notion of silence

Do you ever notice that there is never silence wherever you go?  I notice it. I notice it ALL. THE. TIME.  because I find it very irritating.  I am a silence girl.  I prefer silence over noise any ole time...I mean, yeah, I like to talk but when I am in a public place, I like to be able to hear myself think and be able to have a conversation with my neighbor.  Actually having a conversation with the people around you can be so rewarding.  You never know who you can meet.

However, in our hyper-connected world, people seem to be less social.  Everyone pulls out their phones whenever there is any downtime, waiting time...even when they are actually sitting with friends!  Whatever can be that important?

Yes, granted if it is during the day and you are on the clock, perhaps there is something pressing, a deadline, some answer you have been waiting on.  But if that's not the case, then if you've made lunch or social plans, then you should dedicate yourself to that event. It's rude not to give your guest your undivided attention.

And along with the whole, "I think our society has a fear of silence" it seems like every single public space has a television.  Every restaurant.  Every store is blasting music.  I really find it unnerving.

In my opinion, we are losing the ability to connect.  And when you have televisions all over the place and children are more interested in catching what is onscreen, they are not given the opportunity to learn to communicate and have civilized conversation with people in general. Why is there so much noise??

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