Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Finding my meditation

I am been trying to find my meditation for a looooooooong time now. Back in Pittsburgh about 15 years ago a friend had introduced me to Soka Gakkai, a Japanese sect (? right word) of Buddhism. I tried it out a bit but never really connected. Then in New York, I came across a Soka Gakkai center and tried again. Still, not quite there. I even got a tattoo of a lotus on my wrist to remind me to chant!

And it didn't quite work. I have been working slowly toward meditation, mindfulness, being present. Most recently, I had discovered a Shambala Meditation Center and was going weekly to their open meditation for beginners. I think I just don't quite get it. I am not understanding where the meditation is taking me.

I also visited Unplug Meditation which I absolutely LOVE. I wish they would open one up near me. Santa Monica is the only location and every time I get their newsletters, I am so sad that they are so far away from me. This is a genius concept. It is an easy way to jump right in and learn about meditation while engaging in it.

I have also downloaded Headspace, a meditation app. I think this could work very well for me if I would just make the time to sit and listen to it!

I know one of these days, meditation will just click.

Meanwhile, just recently I've really started to consider giving Yoga another chance. I didn't do so well on my last half marathon and I know it's because I did not train well. Can't seem to find the time to train and kind of feeling I should be a little gentler on my body.

Today I had my first yoga session in maybe 12 years. Previously, I had shunned yoga - too slow, makes me sleepy...PLUS I never felt like I was getting a good workout because I wasn't getting good guidance from the instructors. The classes were too large and I think yoga is a thing where posture and positioning is REALLY important to achieve the right results. I found Mockingbird Yoga and took my first class today. 3 students plus me and a teacher. The teacher knew it was my first and and definitely had her eye on my to give me pointers. Class flowed pretty well. I felt really good when I left! And guess what? BONUS! They have meditation classes too!

I'm feeling pretty positive about this experience and my little studio find. Looking forward to gettin' my yoga and my meditation on!

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