Monday, June 8, 2015


It makes me kind of giggle to see how soon vanity and appearances come into play in a child's life. At least in this family...this morning, dear babe was fretting over a kink in her hair. She wet it and tried to comb it down. I walked in while she was fretting and she said, "Mama, my hair is sticking up over here and I don't like it."

I helped her and it just made me giggle. This girl is SIX YEARS OLD! Who cares if you have a kink in your hair? Mind you, this is coming from the girl who never brushes her hair.

Could it possibly be because yesterday, she spent all afternoon playing with a boy in her class and she had such a fun time? I dunno. But I think it's just so adorable.

Until it's not. Like when she had a fit over her socks not fitting under her leggings. I kept trying to tell her that they look fine over her leggings but she was not having it. We spent at least a good twenty minutes trying to figure out options for her that morning. That was not fun.

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