Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Water, water...

Water...there's an abundance of it all around, but good water is hard to find.  In Nashville, we had reverse osmosis water put in.  It seemed a good choice at the time but I don't think we realized just how much water was being wasted.  Plus, it takes all the good stuff out with the bad stuff.

I wanted to get Mountain Valley Spring Water delivered to our home when we first moved back to LA, but it was very expensive!  We opted for good 'ole Sparkletts.

Now having moved again, we looked at our monthly charge for the water we were getting and it turns out I was paying close to $50/month for getting three 5-gallon bottles delivered every other week.  We think that's kind of high too.

I remember a girlfriend raving to me about her water filtering system called the Berkey as we were discussing water options for the school.  And I really trust this girlfriend of mine.  I'm sure she did a lot of research.  In looking online for information, I came across Wellness Mama Blog.  I mean, this woman did a great job of covering all the different types of water options out there.  Thank goodness for great bloggers, man.

Of course, the hubs also does his research and we did determine that Berkey was the way to go.  We found it on Amazon and it was delivered in two days!  A Sunday, no less.  We like it!

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