Friday, August 15, 2014

Horse shaped biscuits

Today was the last day of horse camp for the babe.  So I thought it fitting to make horse shaped biscuits for her to take for lunch!  Mmmm, these were delicious and so easy to make.  Recipe from Food Network.
I am quite happy today was the last day of camp and I won't have to worry about packing lunch until school starts.  It's very nerve wracking indeed.  I don't always make cool things like this for lunch but I am going to have to start really getting ON IT as we are to pack a lunch every day next year...

I was quite spoiled when D was going to Seeds of Joy where the teacher insists on a hot lunch.  We never had to pack a lunch and the children loved it (as well as the parents).  Wholesome, nutritious, organic and made with love every day.  I'd like to say that about my packed lunches..but "love" is not how I would describe making lunch every day.

Although I must say I rather enjoyed getting up early and making these delicious biscuits, filling the house with the smell of green onions and cheese.  And yesterday, I made homemade almond milk.  Thanks to Carrie On Living for the recipe.  SO EASY!  Fresh almond milk to wash down some biscuit!

I love stuff like this!  But I am NOT a happy homemaker nor would I ever choose to be a "stay at home mom" versus a working mom.  I mean, Hello??  I kind of cherish my moments away from the whole fam.  (Err, hubs? Are you reading this? No offense, really.) I just really like my space and have not found any since the babe was born.  She's literally attached to my hip.  I gotta get working on thing...Anyone else ever feel like that?

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