Wednesday, August 6, 2014

For the love of Dog...

That's my dog.  He's a real sleepy head.  He has short legs and a rather chunky body.  Despite his shortcomings, he loves to walk.  He really does.  When we get out he likes to walk far, but he is real slow.  So, what would normally be a quick 20 minute walk takes an hour with him.

We just moved to what I like to call "The House with a Thousand Stairs".  It's really just 55 steps to be exact but I like to exaggerate, and for as many times that I am walking those steps, it might as well be one thousand steps that I take in one day.  Now remember what I said about my dog having short legs.  Yeah...55 steps just really isn't gonna work for him.

So because I LOOOVE my dog.  I carry him.  Yes, I carry this 53 lb dog down and up the stairs TWICE a day every day so he can go do his business.  And on top of all that, he actually slipped off the stairs in the house once and twisted his back.  Got the formal diagnosis from the vet yesterday.  Thankfully, it was only a twisted back.  I was afraid he might have dislocated his hips!  That would've been terrible!  Instead the doctor sent us off with a "Yeah, he's hurt his back a little.  Just keep him from walking down steps and he should be fine in a few."

And what does my dog do?  Well, I decide to take my daughter and her friend to my dad's pool.  Good place to just have the girls play in the pool, I can get some work done and the dog can hang out.  No, Yoda can't just hang out.  He walks around the pool area sniffing around and all of a sudden I am hearing heavy panting.  I look over to the sound and there's Yoda!  Trying to paw his way out of the JACUZZI!  Yes! THE JACUZZI!  The crazy dog has fallen in, is probably overheating and hanging onto the edge for dear life trying to claw his way out.  I leap off my chair and rescue him.

Imagine what that little incident did to his recovering back??  Crazy.

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