Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Elusive Pastured Egg

Having just moved to a new area, we are 'cessing out our local farmer's markets to find the best one for us.  Mainly, we are trying to find the best eggs as I hardly ever purchase eggs from supermarkets unless in a pinch.  In fact, having just come across this great blog post by Cheeseslave , I will now have to reconsider purchasing eggs from Trader Joe's!  I do not agree with factory farmed eggs.  We have driven by one of those and the conditions just look appalling even from the outside.  No living being should be subject to living without sunshine or mobility.

Previously, we've purchased our eggs from La Bahn Ranch which seem to have beautiful eggs - rich, orange yolks that are deliciously thick when cooked up and eaten.  We can't find La Bahn Ranch in these areas so we are testing out Healthy Family Farms and Jaime Farms eggs.  The hubs thinks Healthy Family Farms has pretty decent eggs and they are also mentioned in Cheeseslave's blog (link above).  Here's a great article on Jaime Farms so I feel pretty good about these.  Can't wait to try one.

As far as veggies, unfortunately, we've been spoiled in the South Bay with the Torrance Farmer's Market and the Palos Verdes Farmers Markets where there is a vendor of delicious asian vegetables owned by a family of Hmongs.  We can get baby bok choy, Chinese broccoli, water spinach, pea shoots at a great price and know that they are organic.  We've gone to three different farmers markets here in the LA area and alas just the usual fare; seasonal squash, tomatoes, some potatoes, bell peppers, eggplant...maybe a brussels sprout or two.  Boohoo...

We live quite close to Monterey Park and Chinese supermarkets but I can't be sure those veggies are at all organic.  The funny thing is, even the Asians know you shouldn't purchase veggies that are pre-packaged in convenient bags.  As exemplified in a conversation I had with an old Chinese woman yesterday.  We were both looking at the bean sprouts.  The bulk sprouts were looking kind of sad and even though I know I should be buying it versus the packaged kind, I did pick up a package of bean sprouts to look at it.  The old woman said to me, "Don't buy that!  That stuff has chemicals in it.  Just buy the bulk and make sure you eat today or tomorrow.  Better for you!"  Thanks for the reminder, wise old Chinese woman!

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