Friday, August 8, 2014

Bipolar, much?

Remember I said we just moved to a new house?  Yes, we did and the previous owners used a portion of the house as rental property.  So, we have a tenant that we share a wall with until she moves out.

When I first met the tenant, she gave me the whole rundown on the previous family...since she can hear them all the time...the father runs the mornings like a drill sergeant...etc.  "Oh boy..." I thought, "I better be on my best behavior."  The last thing we need is for D to have one of her terrible tantrums that she was having prior to our move...terrifying.

Now after being in this house for several days I am thinking the tenant must think I am a bipolar mommy.  One minute being sweet and kind and the very next, loooosing it.  Yeah, I have a pretty short temper and can fly off the handle.  Eeeks!  Oh this is so stressful.

Ha!  I should not care what the "neighbor" hears but truly I am embarrassed when I lose it at the most stupid things.  I try and try to be patient and kind, but it's truly not my wheelhouse.  The best I can do is try.

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