Monday, January 13, 2014

Cultural Mondays

D goes to school Tuesday through Thursday.  She used to go Tuesday through Friday even though technically, age-wise she is really just in preschool.  But because our school, Seeds of Joy, is a mixed age program we had a 4-day program for the 4 year olds and up (preschool/Kindergarten).  That changed this year since we have such a young class.  Almost everyone is below the age of 5 (which is great for the growth of this school!)

And at first, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what I could put D in to take up some time in the day.  I tried to put her in Chinese School.  Ni Hao Chinese School in Rolling Hills allows you to enroll your child any number of days. They have a 5 day program but if you want to enroll for just one day, they will accommodate. I thought that was a great idea...but D didn't think so.  She does not want to go to Chinese School.  Then I thought why put her in too many activities. She needs down time..with her mama.
So, I've decided that Mondays would be our cultural days.  I will take her around the city to do various things.  Fridays are our hiking days.  We find hikes around Palos Verdes and go on adventures.
Today we went to Pershing Square Ice Rink (pictured above) that is only open in Downtown LA from November 14 - January 20.  If you look online and even look at the picture above, it looks pretty cool!
Alas...what I keep forgetting is Downtown LA, while it is working on renovating and it's getting more gentrified, it is a FAR CRY from New York City, ...I was envisioning a cute little rink akin to Citi Pond at Bryant Park.  Pershing Square didn't even come close.  First of all, the patrons weren't as cute as all New Yorkers are.  And the surroundings.  Truly Downtown LA is still the hub for homeless people and they dot the entire surrounding area of the rink. Walking to and from the rink, you get varied wafts of urine...
Never mind all that.  D had a great time ice skating.  We ice skated in the blazing hot sun with questionable characters all around (hehehe).  It was her first time and it was great to have a rink nearly all to ourselves.  It was an experience!
I could've just taken her to Palos Verdes Ice Chalet at the Shops at Palos Verdes, but gosh.  How boring that would've been.

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