Monday, January 6, 2014

American Horror Story

Finding out commonalities through television...The hubs and I just started watching the first season of American Horror Story on FX. I think we are now four seasons behind.

He thought I'd enjoy watching since I loved Nip/Tuck (same producers) and I also enjoy horror flicks. Okay. First episode and it's about how haunted this house is...get more into it and there is a couple who moves in with their 16 year old daughter.

A bunch of creepy things start happening and the hubs and I keep asking the telly, "why are you still living there??"

At one point, the hubs turns to me and says, "Wouldn't you just move out?? And I replied, "Not only would I move out, but I would leave everything in the house!! Take nothing with me!!" The hubs agreed.

It's nice to know that if we were ever caught in a scary situation, we at least think alike.

Meanwhile, we often will watch tv in bed on the computer. So naturally, a show really has to be interesting enough to me such that I would want to stay up to watch it. Sadly, or maybe even fortunately, American Horror Story does not fall into that category. But, I think Jessica Lang does a great job on that show.

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