Monday, February 9, 2015

Tuning Out

Being a Waldorf parent, I am hyper-aware of media and music in the presence of young children.  I absolutely agree with the no (or limited) media policy that is in all Waldorf schools.  There are some parents that might balk at such a policy, but I whole-heartedly embrace it.  The negative impact of too much media has been proven.

I embrace it, but it doesn't mean I am able to enforce it at all times.
For instance, when the babes is sick and she really NEEDS to rest, well, we are not opposed to putting her in front of the boob tube to watch a couple Kai-Lan videos.  When we attended a wedding in NYC and we asked a favor of a friend to watch D for the evening, of course we let them watch Frozen.  You cannot expect someone who is watching your kid, who might not have the same philosophies, work extra hard to "entertain" your kid for long periods of time.  That's just not happening.

And, the kid has her own iPhone!  I gave that to her quite a few years ago (before discovering Waldorf - Eeks!)  But we only use it when she travels and because she never gets to use it, she is not that attached to it.  She will watch a few videos on it and after maybe 20 minutes, she'll give it back and find something else to do.  That might also be because she only has about seven videos uploaded on that thing so maybe after watching them over and over again, she gets bored?  Hah!

But, for the most part I've done a really good job of maintaining a good amount of silence around the babe mainly because I appreciate silence.  When the hubs is not at home, there is no radio playing, there is no television.  When D and I are in the car together, I never have the radio on.  Mostly because I find popular music offensive for young children.  Too pop-y, not great lyrics.  Just noise.  Actually, I often don't even have the radio on when I am in the car by myself!

So, I was quite pleased this weekend when we were in the car and the hubs (who seems to always need music on) had the radio on and I could hear D in the back singing and talking to herself.  Telling herself stories. She basically just tuned out her father's music.  I'm glad about that. I think it's good to have the ability to just tune things out.

That might make me sound crazy but the more I learn about protecting children and their childhood, the more I am a believer.  Children grow up much too fast these days...and truly, as a person I don't really know how to just "let kids be kids".  It drives me crazy when they spill things and break things, are too loud...I mean, I'm learning to hold my tongue but when D was young I didn't and I feel like that might've taken a few years of her childhood away.  She is quite mature for her age, but she is still just five and I've loosened up a bit.  And at least I can protect her childhood by avoiding media and radio music.

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