Thursday, February 5, 2015

Think Dirty

Have you Think Dirty'd lately??  I do it ALL THE TIME.

It's only THE BEST app out there.  Did you know...

In the U.S., personal care products have not been regulated since 1938?  That's over 70 years, people!!
The EU bans over 1300 ingredients.

The US bans just 11 ingredients.  Yes, read that again - ELEVEN INGREDIENTS!! you realize our skin is our largest organ?  Whatever you put on your skin - your face, your hands, your body - is absorbed in 21 seconds!  Think of how much toxins is getting into your body right now.  And if you're pregnant, forget it.  Goes straight to the baby.  Is that what you want for yourself?  Not me.

Hence, the obsession with Think Dirty.  I love this app.  Rates over 200,000 products.  Check it out...

It's time to clean out all your products that are carcinogenic or contain reproductive/developmental toxins.  If I were pregnant, I would avoid allergens as well.  Just in case...

My friend checked it out the other day and remarked, I wish they would give you alternatives to the toxic products.  Like, instead of Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo (rated 10 high in carcinogenicity and high in developmental & reproductive toxicity as well as alleriges & immunotoxicities), use X instead.

Well, it's like they say, if one person gets an idea in her head, six others around the world get the same idea.  (Aside, so if you were an entrepreneur you better act fast before someone else executes before you)  And here Think Dirty does give alternatives in a blog post.

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