Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tooth fairy

My how the tooth fairy has gotten generous...or is she just keeping up with inflation?  D's friend got $5 for losing her tooth.  Uh, no.  I will not be doling out cash.

Come on, it's not my steaz. Plus, what's a 6 year old going to do with cash? I think I got a dollar when my tooth fell out.

When D's very first tooth fell out, the tooth fairy at our house left her a crystal.  :o)

Then we went on vacation and she had another loose tooth. I'd hoped and prayed she wouldn't lose that tooth until we got back.  Of course, preferably it would be at least a day after we got back so I would have time to get something.  D's tooth was very loose when she went to bed on Sunday night - the very day we got back from vacation.  She ended up pulling her tooth out in the middle of the night!

Thankfully, she didn't mention it until the very next morning so I at least had time to run out and get something for Monday night when she went to bed.  Phew!  Those are the times when I think, "Y'know, it would be so much easier to just slip a couple dollars under her pillow..."

Speaking of which, how smart are those people who invented items in which to leave the tooth that could sit separate from the child's body.  I can't imagine how hard it must've been for my parents to sneak into my room at night to slip anything under my pillow!

Nowadays, we have the little "mouse in a box" by Maileg. Cutest little thing.  See, now the child slips her tooth into the mouse's pocket, slides him back in the box and the parent just has to slip in and drop something in the box.  Or, as you can see here, I nice shiny penny would do the trick!

D has a very sweet tooth fairy butterfly pillow that a friend had gifted us a while back.  These are quite sweet too.

I have finally wised up and bought several crystals in anticipation of her other teeth falling out.

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