Monday, September 8, 2014

The End of Summer...

Really cannot come soon enough.  I was really chomping at the bit for school to start on September 3rd...and then the fire happened.  Yes, there was a fire at our school that then delayed the start of school.  Two classrooms burned, demolition, insurance crews, clean up, clear up, safety check...

There was a letter that went out - school will start no sooner than September 8th.  Then another letter went out - school will now start on September 15th.  I am looking for the nearest bridge at this point..

Normally, this sort of thing would not be a big deal.  Yes, I work from home and yes it is bit cumbersome to juggle a child and work ALL DAY.  But if we were still at the old school, in our old neck of the woods, we would just set up a bunch of play dates.

Unfortunately, for me we enrolled D in a new school and had moved to be closer to that school.  All new families.  We don't know anyone here and even though the school has had several "play dates" throughout the summer, there's never been any great opportunity for D to really connect with anyone as it seems everybody's been at this school forever and we might just be the only new family.  Odd? Maybe.  In any case, even if we weren't the only new family to the school, we for sure were the only newcomers to this area...And having just moved here, our house has been in disarray so inviting someone for a play date seems out of the question.

And, we can't even set up playdate in our old neighborhood that I wouldn't mind driving to because everyone there has already started school!!

So here we are.  Every day is a juggle.  Poor babe, D has been really wonderful.  She is really good at entertaining herself.  We are so very lucky but come on...there's only so much one little girl can take.  I am counting the days...

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