Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Redefining "feminism"

Emma Watson, the actress, was recently appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and gave a very moving speech to the UN.  You can view it here.  I mean, this speech made me cry because what she is saying, what she is feeling...I want MY daughter one day to be just as passionate about changing the world.
Whyyyy...why do we find ourselves going backwards from where we've come.  Roe vs. Wade, Women's makes no sense to me.  Or in the case of women's rights I guess we just have not advanced very quickly.

That today in 2014 women are fighting harder for the right to make decisions about our own bodies.  That there is still so much racism.  That we (women) are STILL fighting for equality in this world.  Does every man not have a mother??  Is it THAT hard to see how important a mother's role is in a family and is it that hard to give her the time off to properly nurture her newborn baby?  Six weeks is NOT enough.

And truly, every one of my friends that I have found that have immense self-confidence and are assertive in their professions seem to have great relationships with their fathers.  Fathers are just as important as role models.

But, I digress...My favorite part of Miss Watson's speech comes at the end when she says in the moments when she is feeling nervous about giving a speech, she just thinks, "If not me, then who?"  "If not now, then when."

YES!  EXACTLY!  Those are the words to live by.  Every body can make a difference in this world.  You just have to have the will and just do it.

I applaud her for launching the #HeforShe campaign.  Loved the very impassioned speech. But of course, the cynic in me wonders, how many men in the audience really listened to her?  Despite the standing ovation that she received.  Just how far will this campaign go? How can we get more men to really listen and act??

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