Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Grand Central Market

Wow, where have I been hiding?  Under a rock or somethin'?  Maybe spending too much time analyzing my parenting unskills...(reference previous post)

Luckily, I haven't been hiding for that long and we (the fam) finally ventured over to Grand Central Market in #DTLA.  This place is pretty awesome!

I loved Better Booch - the Kombucha on Tap stand.  But, I'm afraid the tea though supposedly, does not contain caffeine, is too caffeinated for me.  I was up all night!  Kind of a high price to pay (lack of sleep not the actual dollar price) for kombucha but this is BY FAR, my favorite brand of kombucha so far.  I think they had six flavors available and four on tap.  I really liked the Rose flavor but opted for Golden Pear as it was made with Rooibos which is supposedly un-caffeinated.  As stated earlier, perhaps not the case in my case.

The hubs got an egg salad sammy from Eggslut.  Quite delicious on a yummy brioche bun with arugula.  But a bit salty for my palette. Hubs didn't mind.

The kid got a three cheese pizza from Olio Wood Fired Pizzeria (not pictured here).  She devoured it so a) it must've been pretty good and/or b) she was starving.

However, the STAR of the day has got to be McConnell's ice cream!  WHaaaa??!!  Delicious flavors.  Never had ice cream so good.  And I don't rave about ice cream.  Eureka Lemon and Marionberry.  I will forever search out that flavor.

Bonus for Grand Central Market: 1 hour free parking with validation.  Entrance to garage on Hill Street.  However, note to self:  Lines take forever and I doubt one ever gets out of there within an hour.

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