Sunday, June 9, 2013

Acrylic yarn...AHA use!

Having just had dinner at a friend's house, I learned that acrylic yarn crocheted in a circle approximately 5" in diameter can serve as a very eco sponge!  WHAAAT??!  YEAH!  For reals!  She showed me.  She cleans all her dishes with the acrylic disk and it just takes all the grease off.

A google search brings us to the MAKE magazine blog that informs us these disks are called Tawashis and the reason why this "sponge" works - the synthetic fibers act as microfiber and acrylic attracts grease.
My friend says she uses hers for quite a long time, just making sure to completely dry the sponge after each use.  She hangs her sponge from a little hook just above her sink. I am SO going to make a bunch of these and give them as gifts! 

As well, I recently visited our local Kangen water distributor to learn the benefits of alkaline water - so many health benefits...I can't even name them all. Check out the website to learn more.  And my same friend (as mentioned above) is a holistic health practitioner/acupressurist and she is totally sold on Kangen Water.  But one of the more interesting side benefit is that basically the machine changes the pH of your water. So you can take your water and if you change it to a pH of 2, then the water becomes a disinfectant!  No joke!  It actually smells like chlorine.  And a pH of 11 makes the water a degreaser.  Our distributor sent me home with a bottle of each and I have really been going to town with the degreaser.  It's amazing!  It cuts grease and it's just water!!

With my tawashi and my Kangen chlorine and degreaser, I won't ever have to buy cleaning products again! Wouldn't that be worth the over $2000 price tag for the Kangen Water machine??  Just sayin'...still trying to sell my hubby on that one.

One other trick my other mom friend taught me is that she keeps a spray bottle filled with cheap vodka and some lemon rinds to use as a disinfectant.  Sounds great to me!

Oh these discoveries are so exciting!!

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