Thursday, January 5, 2017

Recipe alterations - cookies and pancakes

Isn't funny how the world works? For xmas this year, I received a cute little journal from my niece. She wrote in it that I could use this journal to write my recipes. I thanked her for such a thoughtful gift all the while thinking in my head, well my dear girl, I actually cook and bake off of other people's recipes...never my own.

And now look. Lo and behold. I've just made two recipes and had to make a couple of alterations and they turned out great!

I made these the other day, recipe compliments of the Minimalist Baker. We had just gotten back from skiing so had no eggs in the house. I used a flax egg instead (1 Tbs flax meal with 3 Tbs water, let sit for 10 minutes to gel). After I put the liquid combo in, I felt the batter looked a bit thick so I whipped up another flax egg and put it in. I put in dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips and baked them up.

Hubby announced "Wow!" when he tasted the cookies. "These cookies are really good."
And the baby gave her cookie to her teacher, who gets home baked goods from us all the time and he wrote a note to me saying these cookies might be number one in his book. ?!!  WHAAT?! That is crazy. Meanwhile, I never even tasted one of the cookies.

Second substitution. As I said, we were out of eggs and I had just made oatmeal for breakfast the day before so I had to think of something else to make for breakfast for the baby that's not cold and is yummy. Pancakes! But again, didn't have eggs. I like to make fluffy pancakes so here's the recipe I used. I subbed sour milk (overdue raw milk) since we were out of milk and then used a flax egg to replace the real egg. I think I might've used 1 cup of sour milk instead of 3/4 cup. Added blueberries and the baby announced, "Mom, these pancakes are delicious!"

Pat myself on the back. Looks like I'm getting the hang of using some substitutions...But I wouldn't go crazy.

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